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 Learn more about LienKay Coaching and what makes    us a preferred transformation partner for our clients 

"A journey without guidance is like shooting in the dark, & life is too short to be shooting in the dark"

~Lien Keerthisinghe~



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Learn more about our SUCCESS BLUEPRINT program that has transformed the lives of many people from all around the world. This program goes deep in to your core, making changes at a subconscious level so you can have powerful realizations and breakthroughs to create phenomenal transformations in your life. This is the ultimate 12 week life transformation program you will find that will focus not only on strategy but also on psychology and inner work.

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Discover, Develop & Unleash your very own Signature Success Blueprint that will empower you with a mindset and 5 formulas that will enable you to fast-track your success in both your career and personal life. 

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coaching all over the world


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James Parratt

United Kingdom

The Success Blueprint program has had a holistic impact on my life

It has helped me to discover who I really am and understand why I do the things I do and how I operate under pressure. This program also helped me to discover the Purpose & Passion of my life which I was never aware of with such clarity. Through this program I feel like I have got a tool-kit to success in life . I have become more organized and efficient being able to do the things I love which I thought I do not have time for. This helped me to create a better work-life balance and I have been achieving what I thought was impossible once in my life. One of my biggest discoveries has been learning to delegate and create an ecosystem for the business to run on its own without becoming a business operator.

Ready for coaching?

If you feel like enough is enough and you deserve the best in life, don't you agree that it's time to take action. Success is the results you achieve and Results is a reflection of the action you take in life. Take action NOW by requesting a call-back so you can get more information about working with a coach to improve your business & personal life.

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Risk-free call with no obligations to see if we're a good fit!


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KEYNOTE speaker
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Inspiring, motivating, thought-provoking keynote speaker to make your event unforgettable

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This course is carefully crafted to help you discover your purpose and passion. I have spent many years in discovering my purpose & passion and it was a liberating experience when I discovered it. I have put together what I learned in that process in a well-structured program to help you discover your purpose & Passion.

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