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What our Participants had to say

Success is 80% Psychology & 20% Strategy"

~ Tony Robbins ~

This means programming your mind for success is very important to achieve all the dreams and goals in life.


A well-programmed mind helps you to Thrive in Chaos even in times like today. This program will help you to succeed in both your career & personal life even in the current chaos and UNLEASH your hidden potential by giving you the tools to program your mind and change the way you do things in life.

What will you learn

Success is a Result you are looking to achieve in your life. And RESULTS are a reflection of the ACTION you take in life. As you know, the right action will give you the desired results and the wrong type of action will give you the wrong type of results. But in order to take the right type of action every single time, you need to learn how to program your mind to overcome that tiny inner voice of doubt and program yourself to overcome fear. A properly programmed mind can overcome fear and doubt and take action that will bring positive impact to your life.

This program will help you become a person who can easily push yourself out of the comfort zone and do things that you have been procrastinating and contemplating in order to achieve the kind of results you have never achieved before. 

Blue Smoke


 Personal Success Definition 
Understand everything about the concept of Success and what makes some successful while others unsuccessful. Create your own personal definition of success and program your mind to create understanding and alignment required to make with your thoughts and words.

 Clarity of goals in the areas of Money, Career, Relationships, and Health 
Experience the power of specificity and clarity as you create a crystal clear image of what your success looks like and create action points as to how to get

 Ultimate Self Discovery 
The #1 secret of becoming successful is discovering your current success identity and refining it to a version that will attract success to you like a magnet. Discover your key driving forces, foundational pillars, and inner DNA, and program each element into alignment

 Driving Forces of Success 
Discover the key driving forces of Success and how each element can help you achieve the goals and dreams in life

 Master your inner world & outer world 
Alignment of your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions is something that will supercharge your success journey. Learn how to master your inner-world and outer-world and come to optimum levels of congruence.

 Reprogram your inner DNA 
Each one of us battles our very own demons everyday. These inner beliefs and the definitions/meanings we have created have the power to take our success away from us. Learn to reprogram your inner DNA and craft an unstoppable mindset that will take you to your success.

 Create your mastermind of success 
You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. But have you taken stock of your mastermind. Learn the secrets of having a superior mastermind that will make a big difference in your life and create your team of avengers that will take you to success.

 Overcome fear & Take Action 
Success is on the other side of Fear. Most people fail not because they don't know what to do. But because they are paralyzed in fear. Fear stops you from taking actions that will give you results. Let's together take action looking deep in to the eyes of fear.



  • Business owners

  • Senior Managers & Leaders

  • People planning to start businesses

  • Next-in-line managers

Blue Smoke

27 & 27 January 2023 (Fri & Sat)
from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

At the Hilton Colombo Residences
(3rd Floor) 


Early Bird Offer Rs 29,900/-

This includes program fee, training materials, a workbook, with over 25 tools & activities., lunch, tea, and snacks, and certification of participation which will be provided at the end of the training. Also the participants will be entitled for a special discount at the registration on SUCCESS BLUEPRINT flagship coaching program by Lien.

Blue Smoke

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